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2014 TUSA - Phila Daily News: Teen Pregnancy Equals Poverty


Janice Durrant with teen mom twins Rosetta and Rose Mwelase during an interview in the Troyeville section of Johannesburg. Durrant interviewed teen moms across the Johannesburg area for her reporting project. Linn Washington Jr. / For the Daily News

TEENAGE PARENTING is not a contagious disease and should not keep young mothers from completing their education.

Yet in South Africa, girls face eviction from school after becoming pregnant because that is the cultural norm.

Many in South Africa believe that mothers should care for their homes. So despite rights established postapartheid, allowing all South Africans to receive an equal education, having a child can prevent a teen mother from completing high school.

Without a high school degree, teen mothers are virtually frozen from the job market, relegating them to lives of poverty.

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2014 TUSA - Phila Daily News: Exhibition Fights Image of Gangster’s Paradise


Sipho Gongxeka photographed his i-skeem’ saka, or “homeboys” and “homegirls.” Tyler Horst / For the Daily News

- By Tyler Horst

YOU ARE WHAT you wear. At least, that’s an idea that photographer Sipho Gongxeka wants to challenge.

Gongxeka’s first solo exhibition, “Skeem’ Saka,” was on display through yesterday at the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg’s Newtown neighborhood.

Gongxeka said the vibrant series of photographs originated from his curiosity about how “style shapes us.” He focused on his hometown of Soweto, the fabled township outside Johannesburg.

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2014 TUSA - Phila Daily News: Burning the Wealth


Thato Mpashe discards thousands of dollars worth of designer clothes, according to tradition of a subculture called Izikhothane. Photo by Tyler Horst / For the Daily News

-Article by Jake Pilkington

WHEN THE MUSIC stopped, expensive designer apparel worth more than 25,000 rand (about $2,300) littered the dirt plot outside Thato Mpashe’s modest home in an impoverished area about 28 miles outside Johannesburg.

Mpashe, 17, resides in Orange Farm, the largest informal settlement, or shantytown, in South Africa. The average monthly income for residents is less than the equivalent of $150, well below the poverty line in South Africa.

Mpashe is a member of a subculture known as Izikhothane. The Izikhothane, pronounced zee-kho-taw-nee, hold competitions characterized by dance and extravagance. Wealth determines the victor.

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2014 TUSA - Phila Daily News: Youth Poetry Blooms in the Lyrical Capital


Pictured above is Feature Poet, Mapule Mohulatsi. -Cambriae Bates / For the Daily News

- By Cambriae Bates

A VIBRANT POETRY community is blossoming in Johannesburg, a city known to many Americans more for its jazz and traditional music. Throughout the week, poetry performances sprout up everywhere in the city from suburban Melville to trendy Maboneng to the arts district in Newtown.

Poets from all over the Joburg region come out to have their voices heard.

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2014 TUSA - Phila Daily News: Gallery Lifts ‘Street Kids’ from Gutter to High Art


Sandile Mdlalose a photographer at “Iwasshot in Joburg.” Ezra Lewis / For the Daily News

- By Ezra Lewis

NESTLED IN the corner of the Arts on Main warehouse in Johannesburg’s trendy Maboneng section, the “Iwasshot in Joburg” studio is a gallery, classroom and production floor.

Started in 2009 by Bernard Viljoen, the studio is a community project to teach photography to former street kids from Twilight Children’s shelter in the Hillbrow section of Johannesburg.

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2014 TUSA - Phila Daily News: An American Football Means More in Joburg


Andile from Johannesburg tossing the football. Luke Proctor / For the Daily News

-By Luke Proctor

SCRAMBLING AROUND the store hours before leaving for my four-week trip to South Africa, I stumbled upon a $10 item that would end up giving me memories for a lifetime: a football.

In South Africa, soccer is called football. The closet thing to American football is rugby and a football is like an item from outer space.

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2014 TUSA - Phila Daily News: Philadelphia organization with a global reach


- By Ryan Hall

SOUTH AFRICA is a long way from Market Street in University City - nearly 8,000 miles away.

However, the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, headquartered at 3624 Market St., has a connection to Cape Town, South Africa.

ECFMG promotes quality health care for the public by certifying international medical graduates for entry into graduate medical education in the United States.

In 2000, ECFMG established the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research to support its mission. A year later, the FAIMER Institute was founded in Philadelphia, where it served as a model for five regional fellowship institutes around the world, including South Africa.

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2014 TUSA - Phila Daily News: ‘Silent’ no More, for Some


A sexual assault protest was recently held in Grahamstown, South Africa.

- By Suzannah Cavanaugh

BODIES BEGAN to line the pavement in front of the Main Library at Rhodes University as the bells of Grahamstown Cathedral signaled midday on Friday, Aug. 1.

With mouths taped shut, the bodies lay motionless, draped in purple T-shirts to form a mass grave at the center of campus.

The young people who participated in the demonstration against sexual violence would spend the next hour in silence - some as survivors, some in support - each focusing on vicious assaults and the harrowing “afterward” for those who survived.

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2014 TUSA - Phila Daily News: Ending Child Marriage


-By Nichelle C. Brunner

AT 15, MOST American teens are in high school, playing sports and hanging out with friends.

In South Africa, 15-year-old Tee was preparing to divorce her 60-year-old husband.

Tee, not her real name, was forced to marry her husband at 10 years old. Over the course of the five-year relationship, she gave birth to three children. One of Tee’s dreams was to further her education, but because of her arranged marriage she was unable to finish school.

Tee’s story is one of thousands in the provinces of the Eastern Cape and Western Cape, where child marriages are prevalent. Commonly referred to as ukuthwala, child marriages are part of tradition and culture.

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TU South Africa Teams up with the Philadelphia Daily News

TU South Africa team coverage was recently featured on the Philadelphia Daily News. Click here to enjoy this introductory post.


Dispatch: South Africa

TWENTY-YEARS after South Africa’s infamous system of apartheid ended in 1994, are those who were “Born Free” experiencing substantially better lives in the country that prides itself as the Rainbow Nation? This was the question that 11 Temple University students examined during their participation in Temple’s School of Media and Communication 2014 South Africa Study Away Program.
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